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  Asia - Pacific Newsletter - Nov   2012
President's Message:

Dear Transportation Professionals,

I am pleased to introduce Transportation Research Group of India (TRG), which is a registered society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 with Reg. No. DRB/C/SOR/29/2011-12.

The aim of TRG is to aid India's overall growth through focused transportation research, education, and policies in the country. TRG wish to provide a unique forum within India for the interchange of ideas among transportation researchers, educators, managers, policymakers from India and all over the world, with the intention of covering all modes and sectors of transport (road, rail, air, and water; public and private; motorized and non-motorized) as well as all levels (urban, regional, inter-city, and rural transport) and for both passenger as well as freight movement, in India. At the same time, to also address the transportation related issues of; safety, efficiency, economic and social development, local and global environmental impact, energy, land-use, equity and access for the widest range of travelers with special needs etc.

TRG is open for membership and I appeal to all transportation professionals within India as well as outside, to become its members and be partner to this important endeavour. The 1st conference of TRG (CTRG) was held successfully, with support from TRB, ASCE, & ATPIO, during 7th to 10th Dec. 2011, at Taj Vivanta, Yeshwantapur, Bangalore, India. It was attended by about 300 delegates from 15 countries and was well appreciated, particularly for its peer-review standard. CTRG will be held once in two years and the 2nd version will be organized during 12th to 15th Dec. 2013 in the city of Taj Mahal, Agra, India. The first announcement of 2nd CTRG will be made very soon.

Dr. Ashish Verma,
IISc Bangalore
President, TRG

Description of TRG Logo:

Dear Transportation Professionals, The tri-colour in the background of logo depicts the Indian identity of TRG. The figures of pedestrian and bi-cycle symbolizes sustainable transport, and the same along with Compulsory Direction Signs of Traffic Engg. conveys that the road to sustainable transportation future is compulsorily or inevitably through Transportation Research Group of India (TRG). The symbols on the left hand side of the logo conveys that the focus of TRG is on all modes (road, rail, air, and water transport), and their green colour depicts that the emphasis is on greener policies, strategies, and technologies.

A simple exercise by Prashanth Bachu, Urban Transport Planner, EMBARQ India.


Dear Transportation Professionals,
This is a typical image of traffic congestion on our city streets that I picked-up from a news paper. But have we ever tried to find.. How Many People Are There To Create This Congestion?
I counted and here is what I found:

- Cars = 37 => People in cars = 56 (assuming 1.5 person per car average)
- Auto Rickshaw = 15 => People in Auto = 23
- Motor Bikes = 30. People on Motor Bikes = 37

So, the total number of people congesting this entire stretch of road is JUST 116. Not really a lot.
So, what does it say?

- All these people in congestion could just fit into JUST 2 to 3 buses.
- Cars, which are occupying 70% of the road space can just be fit into ONE bus!
- There are atleast 20 people walking on the road, who are barely visible nor occupy any road space.

Let us go 'Car Free' this Thursday and then see the difference. Come, be part of the Car Free Thursday - Hyderabad initiative and experience a whole new world - free of traffic congestion, air pollution or traffic jams. Come, choose to go by bus, cycle or walk or simple share a ride with colleague!

Please visit our FB page for more details on alternate commute options Are you going car free tomorrow? tweet your experience @CarFreeThursday #Greencyberabad

Official Journal of TRG

"Transportation in Developing Economies (TiDE)"

Published by: Springer


3 rd CTRG
17th - 20th Dec 2015
The Lalit Great Eastern,

"TRG's Special Session at WCTR-2013 during July 15-18, 2013, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil"

TRG 2nd Foundation Day Workshop on "ITS for Sustainable Transportation System and Choices", 28th and 29th May 2013, IISC, Bangalore

High Speed Rail
9th - 10th May 2013
Mysore ,

Half-Day Seminar on
“ Planning for Pedestrian Mobility and Safety ”
Saturday, 24th March 2012,
Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall,
Dept. of Civil Engg., IISc Bangalore-12