Genesis of Transportation Research Group of India (TRG):

Like every important and new initiative, the idea of TRG also evolved and developed over a long period of about 3 years. The very first meeting to discuss on such an initiative of collaboration was proposed and held during First Indo-US Symposium on Advances in Mass Transit and Travel Behaviour Research (MTTBR-08), which was organized by Dr. Ashish Verma (jointly with Prof. Ram Pendyala from Arizona State University, USA) at IIT Guwahati during February 12-15, 2008. This meeting was held on 13th Feb. 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of IIT Guwahati Guest House and was attended by 12 learned colleagues from 7 older IITs and that is where this very important idea of forming a society of the name Transportation Research Group of India (TRG) emerged with its focus on furthering transportation research and academics in the country, and it was agreed to pursue and work on it further. Subsequent to this, more meetings in smaller groups were held at different occasions to discuss on formation of TRG and taking it further. However, this whole effort of forming TRG saw lots of ups and downs over a period of 3 years after which the establishment of TRG was finally announced in December 2010 and it got formally registered as a society on 28th May 2011, which in future will always be remembered and celebrated as the Foundation Day of TRG.