To aid India’s overall growth through focused transportation research, education, and policies in the country.

  • To provide a unique forum within India for the interchange of ideas among transportation researchers, educators, managers, policymakers from India and all over the world, with the intention of covering all modes and sectors of transport (road, rail, air, and water; public and private; motorized and non-motorized) as well as all levels (urban, regional, inter-city, and rural transport) and for both passenger as well as freight movement, in India. At the same time, to also address the transportation related issues of; safety, efficiency, economic and social development, local and global environmental impact, energy, land-use, equity and access for the widest range of travelers with special needs etc.

  • To serve as a platform to guide and focus transportation research, education, and policies in India towards satisfying country’s needs and to assist in its overall growth.