1st Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG)
7th -10th December, 2011
Bangalore, India

Special Sessions during CTRG

Besides, various keynote and technical sessions a number of special sessions will also be organized during 1st CTRG. These special sessions will focus on a specific theme and may consist of contributed papers, panel discussion, or theme presentations. The following special sessions will be organized during CTRG.

1. ATPIO Special Session - 1 on "Pragmatic Issues in Transportation Engineering in India" Co-ordinated by Dr. Murthy V.A. Bondada, President, Urban Transportation Engineers and Planners, Orlando, US

Session Description - India has unique transportation system and its problems are also quite different from many countries not only developed but also developing countries. Cost-effective and implementable solutions are to be developed through research and demonstration to resolve the existing problems (or pragmatic issues) and improve mobility in Indian cities. The research should be oriented to reduce congestion and highway-related accidents and at the same time enhance the mobility to people of all income groups via all modes: walk, bicycle, motorcycle/scooter, auto-rickshaws, transit, and automobile. This session will include four or five papers selected from the papers submitted for presentation at the conference that directly deal with developing cost-effective and implementable solutions through pragmatic research and/or demonstration in resolving existing problems. The papers will deal with research and experience (if any) that led to immediate positive results in solving the existing problems.

2. ATPIO Special Session - 2 on “Briefings on the 2009 AASHTO Transportation Systems Delegation to India and Update on Collaborative Efforts Since” Co-ordinated by Mr. Hardik Shah, PE (American Structurepoint, Inc., USA), President, ATPIO

Session description - A high level delegation led by Mr. John Horsley, the Executive Director of AASHTO visited India in November 2009. The delegation was composed of a diverse group of ten U.S. high level transportation professionals from public, private and academic sectors. The purpose of the delegation was to gain perspective on the Indian policies, programs, practices, initiatives and issues relating to transportation infrastructure development. The expert panelists on this roundtable session will provide briefing on the discussions and meetings held with the key policy makers, planners and administrators in India during this delegation. The panelist will also focus on the progress made since the delegation in establishing collaboration and cooperation between India and USA in various area of transportation. Following are the participants in this panel discussion:

> Dr. Kiran Bhatt (K. T. Analytics, Inc., USA) – Member of AASHTO Delegation Team.
> Shashi Nambisan, Iowa State University - Member of AASHTO Delegation Team.
> Mr. Hardik Shah (American Structurepoint, Inc., USA) – Member of AASHTO Delegation Team
> Officials from NHAI and/or Indian Transportation Ministry (To Be Determined)

3. ATPIO Special Session - 3 on “Solutions/Alternatives for Congestion Relief, Road Infrastructure Financing and Safety” Co-ordinated by Dr. Ramakrishna R. Tadi, Asst. District Traffic Manager, California Department of Transportation

Session description - Too much traffic demand and not enough supply (capacity) causes congestion. Congestion is no longer limited to only developed nations but also to developing countries as well. The implementation of innovative strategies in traffic operations is more important than ever before. This session will explore the application of congestion pricing including high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes and advanced technologies and will also look into potential financing options for road infrastructure. A few real world examples from the U.S. will be presented and their applicability to Indian road conditions will be briefly discussed. Following are the participants in this panel discussion:

> Chandra Bhat, University of Texas - Congestion Pricing and Travel Behavior Responses.
> Srinivas Pulugurtha, University of North Carolina – Traffic Safety & Congestion: Need for an Integrated Approach.
> Shashi Nambisan, Iowa State University - Potential Financing Options for Road Infrastructure and Safety Investments.
> Ramakrishna Tadi, State of California Dept. of Transportation – Are Carpool Lanes Suitable for Indian Traffic Conditions?
> Dr. Kiran Bhatt(K. T. Analytics, Inc., USA) –Road Pricing: An overview of experience, Impacts & Potential

Besides the above three special sessions, three more special sessions from TRB are proposed, the details of which will be updated soon.

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