4th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India

17-20 December 2017
Mumbai, India

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Conference Tracks & Theme:

The conference is designed to facilitate contribution of research articles and deliberations along four tracks of Sustainable Transport (Track I), Transportation Modes, Planning & Demand Forecast (Track II), Traffic Systems Analysis (Track III) and Highway Materials & Pavement (Track IV). Several interdisciplinary themes are covered in each of this track keeping comprehensiveness of the field of transportation encompassing economics, financial management, social equity, green technologies, operations research, big data analysis, econometrics and structural mechanics. The track for works related to themes which are not mentioned directly under various tracks may be decided suitably according to the focus and objectives of the work.

  1. Track I: Sustainable Transport

    This track deals with the topics related to approach and practices towards achieving sustainability of decisions related to transport system improvement and enhancement. Issues related (but not limited to) to economic policy & planning, transport project evaluations in multimodal environment, transport impacts, public transport planning, and strategies for inclusive mobility including NMT, socio-economic impacts of transport projects, project financing, project management and smart mobility options are the broad themes expected to be addressed by this track. Research outcomes related to short, medium and long term transport climate change resilient policy options and case studies demonstrating path towards sustainable development goals are invited under this track.
  2. Track II: Transportation Modes, Planning & Demand Forecast

    This track deals with the topics related to all the transport modes including road transport and focused on (but not limited to) planning and design of transport systems in integrated fashion. Research papers based on studies related to demand forecast for passenger & freight movements, multimodal network design, land use transport integration, spatial interaction models, travel behaviour choice models, freight network equilibrium models, activity based models, routing and scheduling, logistics, harbour and fleeting services, container & truck terminal planning, application of planning softwares, urban rapid transit system operations and management of the urban & regional transport systems are invited under this track. This track also deals with the methodologies for planning data collection, compilation, storage, retrieval and dissemination for efficient planning and design of transport systems.
  3. Track III: Traffic Systems Analysis

    This track deals with the topics related to operations and management of traffic systems and multiclass & multi-category users. Topics related to human factor analysis, traffic flow behaviour, traffic safety and geometric design improvements, design of traffic facilities, development of application of intelligent transport systems, travel time reliability for transit operations, corridor and area traffic coordination systems, user perceived level of service, inclusive design of intersections & transfer stations, efficacy analysis of safety measures and its economics, real time traffic data collection and analysis and vehicle dynamics are covered under this theme. The track would also consider research outcomes based on simulation studies on roadway operations, toll plaza operations, crowd management as well as intercity & urban freight movements.
  4. Track IV: Highway Materials & Pavement

    This track deals with the characterisation of conventional & non-conventional highway materials, their performance assessment, pavement analysis & design, performance analysis, long lasting pavements, green highways, porous pavements, composite pavements, pavement response and rehabilitation and pavement maintenance. The topics related to (but not limited to) instrumentation of pavement performance evaluation, pavement deterioration modelling, structural health monitoring, forensic investigations, life cycle cost analysis, pavement management system, construction methodologies & techniques and highway drainage are also covered in this track.